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Application Sectors

• Remote Proportional Actuator
• Construction of tools and molds
• Tool Machine
• Mechanical Engineering and special manufacturing

• De-burring tool construction
• Hydro Forming
• Automotive   

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

  Block Cylinder
• Guide Unit
• Standard Cylinder
• DIN Standard Cylinder
• Core pull unit
• Short-Stroke Cylinder
• Cubic Short-Stroke cylinder
• Flanged Cylinder
• Doubled-Lined Cylinder
• Circular block cylinder
• Hydraulic Cylinder with External Guide
• Screw-in Cylinder
• Punching Cylinder
• Block cylinder with locating screw stem
• Rotating Cylinder
• Rotary Drive unit
• Block cylinder with element guide

State-of-the-Art Production

AHP Merkle GmbH is committed to providing hydraulic cylinders and products with 100% quality. Our innovation guarantees precision of products, which are always of highest quality and the newest on the market.


New ahp.book 4.0

The new ahp.book is fundamentally revised and covers the complete AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder range.   

New in the catalogue:

  • Block cylinder with position sensing BZP
  • New generation of magnetic field sensors for block cylinder MBZ 
  • Tie-rod cylinder ZHZ
  • Locking cylinder VBZ
  • ....and more, see » documentation about all improvements.

In the chapter „Information from AHP“ we provide many helpful tips and tricks for handling hydraulic cylinders. And the best part is the ahp.book is available to our customers free of charge.


Alternatively, all chapters and the complete catalogue are available as individual PDF downloads:

Catalog Download  Block cylinder» PDF 10.18 MB 

Stamping cylinder» PDF 1.18 MB 

Circular block cylinder» PDF 1.37 MB 

Push unit» PDF 1.78 MB 

AHP standard cylinder» PDF 5.20 MB

 DIN standard cylinder» PDF 2.70 MB 

Hydraulic cylinder with external guide» PDF 347 KB 

Locking cylinder» PDF 1.14 MB 

Short stroke cylinder» PDF 654 KB 

Screw-in cylinder» PDF 379 KB

Core pull unit» PDF 478 KB 

Flanged cylinder» PDF 587 KB 

Double-lined cylinder» PDF 608 KB 

Clamping elements» PDF 390 KB 

Rotary drive unit» PDF 367 KB 

ahp.solutions» PDF 463 KB 

Accessories» PDF 359 KB 

Information from AHP» PDF 2.33 MB 

ahp.book 4.0: Complete catalogue» PDF 25 MB